Driveway Gates, How To Install

How To Install Automatic Gate Opener

Most homeowners today are investing in driveway automatic gates for added protection and security. Nevertheless, it’s necessary to recall that the gate driveway automatic doesn’t work without its alarm equipment. If you are debating whether or not you should include driveway automatic gates in your residence, you should first take a peek at a fence opener installation guide and learn how to install sliding automatic driveway gates.

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A Step By Step Guide To Electric Sliding Gates For Driveways Installation

Step One – Properly Install the driveway automatic gates

Your automatic sliding driveway gate‘s first installation needs to be in the correct level. If you’ve already placed two gates, you’ll need to hang them to the same elevation. If you plan on hanging the gate with a spirit level, make sure you use it as a guide. By lowering the electric sliding gates for driveways, be sure to have it centered on the post. Of course, it doesn’t make sense to have electric sliding gates for driveways that’s either too high or too low.

Step Two – Unbox the electric driveway gate opener

Before your electric driveway gate opener arrives, examine its packaging to confirm that you didn’t forget anything. There should be clamps, bolts, screws, a controller box, a wireless remote, and an arm to operate the device. If you want to operate a solar-powered driveway gate opener, it is best to additionally purchase a small solar panel and a battery box.

Step Three – Connect and Test the Controller Box

Before installing your electric driveway gate opener, you might want to familiarise yourself with its primary features. Verify that the unit’s electrical arm is connected to the controller box. Then, connect the controller box to a power outlet. You can also test the arm to see the workings of your electric driveway gate opener.

Step Four – Install the Gate Opener Arm

It’s now time to go ahead and install the car trunk opener stop. The stopper may work with the push-to-move mechanism to push vertically, or the pull to flip-shut. Installing the opener in it either way is usually possible. First, try to tighten a handful of the screws on the fence posts. Proper positioning of the clamps will ensure they won’t fall down along the post. Then, you can mount the gate-arm opener.

The clamps on the gate-post will hold the gate-release lever’s backside, and the mouth of the release lever will hold the release of the gate latch. When you’re mounting the electric driveway gate opener, make sure you attach both clamps and the actual gate tightly.

Step Five – Install and Power Up the Controller Box

The next step is to install the associated control module into the wall near the gate opener arm. Screw it into the wall and connect it to the gate opener waiver arm. If you have a battery box or a solar panel, you need to determine where to drill reinforcing screws to install it on the fence post as well. Then, connect the battery box and the solar panel to the central controller panel.

Some gate driveway automatic openers are compatible with direct power or alternating current, allowing you to connect the power source to the controller box. From now, you can operate the entire system.

Step Six – Set Up the Controller Box

The controller box requires one final adjustment. Open the control device box and set the open-close limit. Have full control over the opening and closing of your gate driveway automatic. After checking your controller box, remember to explore its other features, as well.

Step Seven – Run the Automatic Gate Opener

The moment you’re about to close your electric sliding gates for driveways, just tap the power button on your right remote. The electric driveway gates will just open or close automatically as you command.

Seamlessly Installing an Electric Driveway Gate Opener

If you follow the instructions concerning the proper method of installing the electric driveway gate opener, it’s relatively easy to do so. The projected time of processing an application may range anywhere from three to five hours.

Or, if you’d like to come by to arrange for professional installation of an electric driveway gate opener, we ‘re at your service. Reach out to our team at Metal Solution USA LLC. We will work with you to choose the right automatic gate for your property. We can also install your new home security system. Give us a call today so we can get started!

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