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Metal And Wood Gates

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Wooden gate for driveway

Our entire line of high-quality wooden gates for driveway and wood gate for driveways is manufactured in the U.S.A. Using first-rate materials, our gates help secure any dwelling’s front yard. Available today in a stylish selection of appealing designs, our specially selected selection of double door wooden gates can be purchased in a choice of sizes and height that meet your particular application, making them a sensible investment for any homeowner requiring added security.

Metal And Wood Single Swing Gate

As a further mousetrap, Metal Solutions USA LLC are also in a position to provide a widely popular made to measure option, so if you can’t locate what you are looking for, do not hesitate to get in touch with us by phone or email with your measurements. We will provide you a competitive quote.

Custom-designed driveway wood gates can be designed to fit any entryway

For warmth and beauty, the natural properties of wood have made them famous. Each set of full—height wood and metal driveway gates are hand built in the USA using time-proven joinery methods, so you can rest assured that our products are made with the utmost degree of skill and longevity. Whether we set up a modern or rustic eatery, we can meet all your property security needs at a reasonable cost.

Wood And Metal Double Swing Gates Custom Type 1

Modern & traditional styles for wooden gates

If you’re acquainted with modern or traditional wooden gate for driveway design, we can help you find something that you will like. In the residence renovation industry, we can cater to the demands of a range of property owners. Gloucester and Derbyshire wood and metal driveway gates in Houston are a great option for a minimalist look. If the great things about your taste are a little bit more noticeable, then the Vertifleur, Shrewsbury, and Chepstow designs are a fantastic choice to consider. With countless metal and wood driveway gates in Texas and services from which to choose, you really could not ask for a better selection.

The custom size, style, and shape for the finished product

For more than a century, Metal Solutions USA LLC has been used in the production of according to court documents and enjoys a strong reputation for products that work. We offer entrances in a wide range of designs. Send us your specifications, and subsequent developments can be made in your entrance according to your needs. Our architects can work with you to design a unique, one-of-a-kind wood driveway gates for your residential or commercial property. We only use high-quality steel and wood to manufacture our proprietary gate systems in Houston, USA. Our skilled woodworkers and craftsmen design them in-house. Among the finest sorts of wood for building your gate are pressure treated yellow pine, solid bottom elm, and spalted beech, which are all used by the skilled craftspeople who hand-make your gate. Each of the materials that i nstall your gate are forged using anvil hammered, black patina finished iron, including its locks. Our talented craftsman use only the most intricate and useful approaches to handcraft wood entryway gates, so yours can last a lifetime.

Wood Timber Gate Information

 Wood gate for driveway features

    • American wooden gate for driveway are used as a fence for gardens.
    • Solid, full length wood with no scarf joint is made entirely of wood scraps. There are no veneers in it.
    • Involved in a time-consuming process called mortise and tenon joinery, a hand-forged barn door is crafted of sturdy iron and wood.
    • Made by hand and not by machine, a craft was original.
    • Custom wood carving process that’s been rubbed by hand.
    • Solid forged wrought iron hardware is solid, without hollow metals or castings.
    • Can be found in all types of woods, in stain and finish finishes, and in patina finishes.
    • With the assistance of your architect or contractor, you can install any size or breed of gate for your residential or commercial property.
    • Security wood gates for driveway offer either a flat top or arched top design.

Handcrafted custome gate designs

    • Our wood and metal driveway gates are custom-built in America by our master craftsmen using only the best-quality materials and products. Wood, iron, and upholstered leather are just some of the materials used in our handcrafted wood and metal driveway gate in Houston. Mirrors, assembly lines, and reproduction are not used in adhering as much old-world artisan quality to every individual gate.
    • Our wood driveway gates take a handcrafted approach and adhere to collector and antiquity standards. Have a custom-built metal and wood driveway gates in Texas with a custom design made for yourself or your house, at no cost. We can help you choose from a number of wood species and you can choose from the many different iron modifications for your fences.
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