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Buidl Your Industrial Stair Online

Building your stair could not be easier. With a few clicks, you have the expertise to make it fit your space and budget.

20x29x74 All-Welded 5 Compartments Storage Locker – Silver

  • Unlock your stuff with the click of a button. Our All-Welded Ventilated Storage Lockers are perfect for any space because they offer secure storage with ventilation and visibility.
  • The Double Diamond Door offers 180-degree access to the interior giving you full visibility of all four shelves without removing anything from their place.
  • If casters are what you need, our Caster Wheels are easy to install on all lockers available today!

20x29x74 All-Welded 6 Compartments Storage Locker – Silver

  • The perfect storage solution for your home and office. Spacious and secure with removable ladders to adjust the shelves for storing anything from books to tools, these lockers keep everything at your fingertips without giving up too much of your precious indoor or outdoor space.
  • A durable powder-coated finish means that these lockers will withstand the test of time whether you're putting them outside where they'll be safe in all weather conditions or inside in a well-ventilated hallway.

20x32x23 All-Welded Single Compartment Mobile Mini Storage Locker – Silver

  • Created with quality materials that provide years of maintenance-free performance, they'll hold anything from clothes to tools with ease. With four removable shelves inside these durable steel units, there's room for virtually anything.
  • The door opens 180 degrees giving complete access to the interior - opening up accessibility without exposing your belongings outside of its secure environment. So if you want a storage solution that is safe and convenient - come see us!

20x32x29 All-Welded 2 Compartments Mobile Mini Storage Locker – Silver

  • Get your storage locker needs met with our durable all-welded Storage Lockers. Our lockers allow for ventilation and visibility, come fully assembled, and can be easily moved around with caster wheels!
  • If you're looking for the best storage solution, look no further. Our all-welded ventilated storage lockers are tough, reliable, and perfect for any facility or warehouse space.

20x32x43 All-Welded 2 Compartments Mobile Storage Locker – Silver

  • The All-Welded Storage Lockers are perfect for any business as they can be used as outside storage, as part of your office set up, or to store valuable items.
  • They come in unfinished steel with ventilation and visibility, making them ideal for anyone who wants security without worrying about rust or degradation.
  • The wheels attach easily with no tools needed, so moving is minimal hassle!

20x32x47 All-Welded 3 Compartments Mobile Storage Locker – Silver

  • The top dog for storage lockers, our locker is made of durable steel with a powder-coated finish to resist rust. The diamond-shaped openings allow natural ventilation and easy visibility into the locker.
  • Our four shelves are removable accommodating virtually any facility’s needs. And if that weren't enough, you have two choices concerning door placement—a swing door on the left or right-hand side.
  • All this means one thing: your future self will thank us!

20x42x74 All-Welded 5 Compartments Storage Locker – Silver

  • Our All-Welded Ventilated Storage Lockers will provide you with security and ease of mind. The only thing easier than using these storage lockers is cleaning them.
  • Easy access to the interior ensures that all your belongings are safe from harm, while four shelves allow for plenty of room to store a variety of items. With caster wheels, moving it around the building has never been simpler!

20x42x74 All-Welded 6 Compartments Storage Locker – Silver

  • You'll always be able to find your favorite old hat with this storage locker! Keep it close by and, if necessary, wear one of our portable lockers on your head.
  • Safely tucked inside will be years' worth of memories: pictures you took way back when the earth was still young and videos no longer allowed on Facebook.

Ameri-style BB – Planter Box

  • Metal Solutions has a variety of classic and contemporary designs that can complement the look and feel of your rooms, transforming mundane workspaces into stylish spaces.
  • With Planter Boxes as an easy way to change up what's around the corner or in plain seating areas with just one pick-up!

Ameri-style CB – Planter Box

  • Planter boxes are a great way to add color and life to any space.
  • Metal Solutions has many different styles of office planter boxes that will work for both the modern office as well as classic designs, transforming your corridors from drab into something more vivid!

Ameri-style LI-Planter Box

  • Metal Solutions has a variety of planter boxes that can complement the look and feel of your office.
  • Transformations in modern offices are common with our metal designs, transforming corridors into stylish workspaces or adding character through table-top versions for corner seating areas!

Ameri-style RB-Planter Box

  • Metal Solutions has a variety of planter boxes that can transform your office into something great.
  • With many different styles and designs, our flower boxes will fit in perfectly with any type of style you're going for!

Ameri-style RDB-Planter Box

  • Planter boxes are a great addition to any office space.
  • Metal Solutions has metal indoor planter boxes that can be used in the corridor or corner, as well as classic ones with contemporary designs for more modern workspaces.
  • Depending on your preference you’ll want something traditional and elegant versus youthful appeal!

Ameri-style SIL-Planter Box

  • Metal Solutions offers a variety of planter boxes for all your office needs.
  • Our box planters can be used in offices to create stylish and vibrant corridors, corners, or seating areas with the look you want!

Ameri-style SW-Planter Box

  • Metal Solutions has stylish and contemporary designs to complement the look of your office corridors, corners, or plain seating areas.
  • Transform them into workspaces with our metal flower boxes that are both functional as well aesthetically pleasing!


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