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Should Driveway Gates Open In Or Out?

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You may find that new metal driveway gates add value and style to your home. If you would like to install one for your driveway, you will only need to ask yourself two specific design questions. One is whether you intend for the gate to open in or out. We’ve answered that question to assist you.

Your metal entrance gates must be designed such that when it opens backward, it opens toward your residence. Driveway wrought iron gates can also be designed so that they open outward or even slide, but opening backward is the recommended option to conform to three reasons: first, buidling codes; second, safety; and third, inconvenience.

We will go into why installing your driveway gates to open inward is the best way to go and will describe when another option may be more effective. We’ll also cover the different considerations that should be made when deciding whether to use one option over another.

Why Your Metal Driveway Gate Should Open Inward

Building Codes

Interestingly enough, it may be illegal to install your gate to open outward. The issue at hand is not the type of opening your gate has. Instead, it may be illegal for private wrought iron gates to open onto a road, path, sidewalk, or highway. If your gate is too close to the back of your driveway and opens outward, you might be at risk of breaking this law if you get too close to a security zone.


At one point, the thought seemed absurd that regulations should govern how your metal driveway gates opened, but this law was enacted for good reason. If an outward-opening driveway is not long enough to safely move your vehicle within, you could hit a car or truck, as the metal entrance gates will open into traffic. It’s always difficult enough to look out for oncoming cars from a residential driveway, but taking out and opening a gate is even more of a challenge to keep your eyes on the road when the next car goes by.

The direction of your street may also obstruct your sight, condensing it and making it hard for you to discern the movements of other vehicles. Alternatively, travelers may fail to acknowledge you while you are exiting your driveway.


Parallel problems often occur when a few cars share a road with one sidewalk. Pedestrians moving at every corner will be slower, giving you more time to open the garage door and get out of the car before you risk hitting a pedestrian with your gate. However, if your driveway wrought iron gates open to a sidewalk, it is likely that the metal entrance gates will block the sidewalk as you exit the driveway. This happens with people who are using the public transport right of way. This is unfortunate in their eyes.

When Metal Entrance Gates Can Swing Outward

At some point it is possible, and at times even required, for your driveway wrought iron gates to swing out.

Length Of Driveway

As long as your metal entrance gates swings out and your road is long enough, you have absolutely no problem swinging an open gate. To determine if your road is long enough, determine whether the gate can swing out without obstructive consequences. Cars must be able to pass other vehicles inside your gate without blocking it. Your driveway needs to be long enough to grant spacing to most autos in the vicinity.


The ideal layout for a gate must be able to swing completely open without blocking or interfering with any shape or personal activities that you have specified in your yard, including your home, your cars, and the play area for children. If you do not physically have enough space for the gates to swing back into place, you may need to install one that swings outward.

Note that having less open space in your yard does not preclude you from disobeying that rule which disallows gates from blocking the roadways. If you cannot install an inward swinging gate and your driveway isn’t sufficient to set up an outward swinging gate with sufficient empty space, you may need to consider alternative choices or forego a gate altogether.

An Alternative Option

Although an inward or outward opening gate may not be possible for your home, a wrought iron sliding gate may prove to be a viable option in contrast to a swinging gate that will take up a lot of your space. A sliding gate decreases the amount of yard space your job area will need because you will not need a roomy space for the gate to open. A sliding door like the ones in supermarkets will glide along a track into the fixed section. They’re often more expensive than traditional swinging gates, but they do offer better security and look more aesthetically pleasing on your property.

Do Metal Driveway Gates Improve Home Value?

Installing driveway gates houston on your drive can add value to your home significantly if you have the right gate. For instance, an automatic gate opener would be great, since it will increase your home’s value. Also, the gate will add a lot of appeal to home buyers, and the added resale value of your abode will be substantial. Adequate gate upkeep will increase your home’s value, regardless of whether you’re presently selling the property. Neglecting the gate may be a significant hassle or a waste of money if you’re planning to sell the house, and a gate that’s in disrepair could make potential buyers hesitate to purchase your property.

How Wide Should My Metal Driveway Gates Be?

You must measure the width of your driveway if you want to know how wide your gate ought to be. Your gate should be at least as wide as your driveway, with a little bit extra on each side. For example, if your drive is nine feet wide, your gate should be 10 or 12 feet wide.

Do Metal Driveway Gates Deter Thieves?

Metal driveway gates can help prevent thieves, such as burglars. Having a gate on your property can make breaking into it long before the thieves decide that it’s worth their while worth the effort. However, you should not rely on a gate as your only method for securing your house. Additionally, a security system can be useful.


Ultimately, it’s your decision whether you’re better off with an inward-swinging or outward-swinging gate. However, you’ll definitely want to take precise measurements first as you don’t want to violate zoning laws or risk injury to passers-by. You want to ensure that your property is broad enough to allow a gate of this type without causing congestion or endangering lives.

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