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Why Sliding Gates Are Crucial For Your Property?

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    Wrought Iron Sliding Gate

    Those with limited space can enjoy the benefits of sliding gates. These gates include a narrow gate in the fence at the back of your yard, which is great for properties with width but not depth, like a short driveway. Swing gates don’t work for those who want to pull just inside and close it behind them; an open gate leaves your backyard exposed and makes you vulnerable to thefts and other hazards. Sliding gates also protect privacy and security, while they keep enclosed areas safe and sound.

    Each gate we install is customized to fit your needs. The gates we create come in a range of different styles and sizes that can be modified to your specifications. Despite their various widths, most driveways are not completely level. Different factors such as the gate’s size and weight will affect the operator as well as factors such as the size of wheels used on it. In order to have trouble-free operation, Metal Solutions USA LLC work with customers on an individual basis and follows up with them after installation so they are able to make any adjustments necessary for safe and convenient operation.

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    Professional Sliding Gate In Houston

    Driveway Sliding Gates

    Metal Solutions’s driveway sliding gates provide the perfect security to your house. Made of carbon steel and featured a powder coat finish, our sliding driveway gates are shock-resistant and not affected by harsh conditions. We offer a complete installation. You won’t have to worry about any parts of the process. We will provide you with onsite training and you will be guided through the operation of your gate system. Once all of your gates have been configured and you have been trained, you are good to go! 

    Metal Wooden Gates 3

    • 13 ft x 6 ft Sliding Metal Wooden Gates
    • A strong frame made from steel and protected by wood panels for protection and beautiful grandeur
    • For the best metal gate with wooden cladding, and privacy, contact Metal Solution USA today!
    • We provide a full range of services to the customer, including design, manufacturing and installation

    Sheet Metal Sliding Gates

    • 20ft x 7ft Sheet Metal Sliding Gates
    • Different sizes and colors are available for the customer to choose from.
    • Our free replacement guarantee means that if your order arrives with additional damage after delivery, we'll replace the broken pieces for free.
    • We obtained approvals from various authorities.


    • Tough enough to keep trespassers out and strong enough to handle the harshest weather, Msusallc Driveway Sliding Gates will provide years of good looks and security at a comfortable price.
    • Powder-coated for your style and enjoyment, we offer different options in size and color that come with their own unique features.
    • Whether you're looking for something simple or custom, our gates can meet any need.


    • Msusallc manufactures high-quality, reliable steel gates.
    • All of our products are made with the utmost care and professionalism to provide you with absolute security for years to come.
    • From decorative fences to arches, all of our ornamental steel gates are customizable so that your individual style is always met.


    • They are the perfect choice for security-conscious homeowners.
    • Their high-quality steel ensures both safety and aesthetics while their powder-coat will last for years to come.
    • Customize any of our gates to fit your style, or bring in one of our experts today!


    • Constructed with powder-coated steel, our gates are designed to last for years.
    • Customize the design of your gate to fit any type of style—our team will be happy to assist you in choosing the right vendor. Then reserve yours today!


    • Gates that are anything but standard. We specialize in the high-quality ornamental gates, made of steel gates and colored with powder-coating for good looks and long life.
    • Customize your design further by choosing to include extra things like gate service, matching fences, or exterior lighting.
    • Choose from our wide variety of unique designs!


    • These ornamental steel gates are sure to add a professional, high-end touch to your backyard.
    • The powder-coating will make them look good and provide absolute security for years!
    • Customize any of our gates to custom fit your style with a wide variety of styles available in different colors.

    Wrought Iron And Wood Gates

    • 17 ft x 7 ft Wrought Iron And Wood Gates
    • Wooden and wrought-iron gates are a superb addition to your property. They blend their natural beauty and style with an elegant edge. Gates have been integral to home design for many centuries, perfecting the look of property.
    • Wrought iron and wood gates come in many designs, like traditional and modern styles. They are an elegant way to add style to your home by adding curves and textures.

    Sliding Gates Opener

    LiftMaste 24VDC High-Traffic Commercial Slide Gate Operator

    LiftMaster 1HP AC High Traffic Commercial Slide Gate Operator | LIF-SL3000101UL PLEASE NOTE: This is LiftMaster’s most recent version of

    LiftMaster 1HP AC High Traffic Commercial Slide Gate Operator | LIF-SL3000101UL

    • Photocell Model LMRRUL with protective hoods
    • 5’ Resistive Safety Edge (Model S505AL)
    • 25 ft. Chain #41 Black Oxide
    • FREE Single Button Remote with Visor Clip FAS-RM811

    LiftMaster 24VDC Heavy-Duty Variable Speed Slide Gate Operator | LIF-HDSL24UL

    • Photocell model LMRRUL with protective hoods
    • 5’ resistive safety edge (Model S505AL)
    • FREE Single Button Remote with Visor Clip FAS-RM811
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    How do sliding gates Work?

    Sliding gates are often motorized to allow the door to open and close. In order for automatic gates to work they need a very wide, long channel. Sliding gates are perfect for large entrances, those near hills, or any opening where swing gates would be too crowded.

    When selecting a door motor, you need to think about the length of the door and its weight. A knowledgeable technician from Brisbane can help you choose the best one for your needs. The system is also equipped with anti-crushing and obstruction detection technology, which stops movement of the gate when it is obstructed, preventing injury to people or property.

    Why Choose Us?

    Do you need an access control system to regulate the flow of vehicles? Metal Solutions USA LLC offers different sliding gate models for your entrance. Our gates are always CE-compliant and may be placed on rails or cantilevers.

    The entry gates we offer range from simple single sliding gates to custom dual sliding entry gates that are easy to install. You can select the right solution for your home or business needs, whether it is custom-built or pre-fabricated. You can trust the installation of our products to our team of professionals. We can advise you on the best gate for your unique situation. Contact us today to find out more!
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