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Porch Enclosure Gates

Metal Solutions’ porch enclosure gate is ideal for homeowners to upscale their home appearance. Moreover, made of steel and featuring a powder coat finish, our wrought iron gates are beautiful and durable and offer better protection to your family.  

Our Products

Porch Enclosure Single Swing Gates​
  • Porch Enclosure Single Swing Gates​
  • Porch Enclosure Double Swing Gates​

English Style 3 ft. x 9 ft. Carbon Steel Single Swing Porch Enclosure Gate

  • Porch Enclosures Gates allow your family and guests to feel welcome as they walk up throughout the day.
  • A new, beautifully crafted steel porch fence is a thoughtful adornment of any house.
  • Choose from an endless array of colors and styles, including decorative railings and hardware we'll shine after time has weathered them for you!

English Style 3 ft. x 8 ft. Carbon Steel Single Swing Porch Enclosure Gate

  • Porch Enclosure Gates are carefully designed and made by craftsmen.
  • These gates measure to fit any need with their wide range of colors.
  • Steel allows for strength, while powder-coat paint allows the gate to resist rusting and remain beautiful over time.

English Style 3 ft. x 7 ft. Carbon Steel Single Swing Porch Enclosure Gate

  • Gate to enclose your porch
  • Specifically made for porches, not too short or long
  • Range of colors available- match your decor like a pro!

New Products

Wood & Metal Combining

We have beautifully crafted durable gates. With the strength and durability of deep metal frames and the natural beauty of the finest, hand-selected timber infill. It's a gate that will make an entrance to any home.

Wrought Iron

Whether you're looking for custom entry gates or stairs, we design and build with wrought iron work to ensure your home is secure. Build your custom entry gate or stairs with decorative metalwork to enhance your home's exterior design.

Family-Owned Company

Metal Solution has been family-owned and operated for many years. Our customer service is always our highest priority, evident in our customer reviews. We'll have qualified contractors come and measure your job site, place your order, and install the products for you - all with one call.

Custom On Your Demand

We'll make hand-made pre-fabricated metal gates to order. While we have the most popular sizes listed, our customer can request any size--we can work with your exact specifications.

Our Feature Projects

Sanchez Resident

Corena Resident

Long Pham Resident

How To Install Porch Enclosure Gates


All product descriptions on this website will provide information about the standard product and size. Unless otherwise specified, most products for sale here are powder coated with a black finish.

Listed prices do not include installation costs. However, 95% of our customers can match a product on a do-it-yourself basis with the help of installation videos. If you cannot do it yourself, contact us, and we'll arrange an installer for you at a small cost.

When you work with us, you will receive an architecture-grade product that is beautifully constructed and impeccably detailed. Our Wrought Iron Gates are handmade by skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques to create the strongest, most durable, and most gorgeous products on the market. We guarantee that each piece has been carefully inspected for quality before it is shipped to you.