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With a decade of experience, Metal Solutions USA, a Houston-based custom metal fabrication company, offers a comprehensive suite of design, fabrication, and manufacturing services. We cater to a wide range of industries, ensuring every client receives the highest quality metal products and services to meet your specific needs. 

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At Metal Solutions USA, you can expect the highest-quality manufactured metal components and services. We can help you to operate your business without interruption.

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Metal Solutions is a Houston custom metal fabrication company specializing in end-to-end metal design, fabrication, and production for various industries seeking the highest quality metal products and services. We offer everything from metal welding and grinding to bending and CNC plasma cutting with powder coating and installation prep that puts the finishing touches on commercial, industrial, and artistic metal pieces.

wrought iron railing
Industrial Staircase

Metal Solutions is your home for cost-effective and high-quality products developed through an in-house assembly where efficient supply chain management results in reduced production costs and strategic packaging, shipping, and outsourcing through an established network of reliable partnerships.