Minimize The Risk To Your Property

Keep your clients safe from vehicles by setting up a steel wall in your commercial building. Strong wrought iron pedestrian gates can provide a good flow of traffic in your commercial space. 


Are you looking for a company that can craft a one-of-a-kind pedestrian gate for your garden? Metal Solutions USA LLC is the only company you'll need that can custom-design a pedestrian gate to suit your needs.

Types of Pedestrian Gates

The width of a pedestrian gate is similar to that of a door within your home. Homeowners might use one to control access to important areas on their property such as patios, back yards, and gardens. Similarly, businesses may use pedestrian gates to protect an outdoor area where a conventional door wouldn't be appropriate. They might secure an outdoor area such as courtyards, alleyways, or other work areas.

The designs, materials, colors, and sizes are infinite, and the gates can be custom made to your specifications and desires, what you desire, your taste, preferences.

Don’t have any fears about these, then, they can be automated or maybe not. They can be automated or whether not. Anything to make Houston a fine pedestrian gate system.

Can you get the gate to the swimming pool area open or closed with a simple push of a button? We are more than happy to comply with your needs.


Berlin Star Center Pedestrian Gates

  • Pedestrian gates are a simple but powerful way to keep your home safe. Made of carbon steel and powder coated for additional protection, these gates will withstand the test of time!
  • The manufacturer understands that not everyone can afford an expensive gate so they offer different shapes and sizes to fit all needs.
  • At an affordable price, it's hard to pass up this classic design- perfect for any home!

Harbor Town Star Center Pedestrian Gates

  • Pedestrian gates are a great way to add a traditional touch to your home.
  • These gates feature carbon steel and won't rust over time, so they can be in perfect condition for years.
  • The powder coat finish comes in many colors, so it's easy to find one that's just right for any setting.
  • This product is made with affordability in mind, without compromising quality or design style options!

Lisbon Star Center Pedestrian Gates

  • Pedestrian Gates are the perfect way to improve safety for your family.
  • Available in classic design, pedestrian gates allow you to travel with ease while keeping kids and pets off of dangerous streets.
  • Made of durable carbon steel, Pedestrian gates come at an affordable price.
  • The powder coat finish gives them clear detail while protecting against rusting and corrosion - increasing their lifespan without any additional upkeep needed!

Metal And Wood Pedestrian Gate

Metal And Wood Pedestrian Gate 3.5ft x 7ft

ST. Paul Star Center Pedestrian Gates

  • Defend your house with these pedestrian gates! When you lock them up for the night, there's nothing stopping intruders from invading.
  • You are safe with these Rod Iron Gates that are an affordable price.
  • With a powder-coat finish and made of sturdy carbon steel, they'll last you for years while still looking great on your property. Plus, they have fashionable chrome accents to add some flair to any yard!

Allow us to make your Houston pedestrian gate installation go smoothly.

If you decide to use our company for a Houston pedestrian gate installation job, we're going to be on site to give service. The job will then be devised by our specialists before it's implemented by us.Will this gate be installed in the backyard or pool-side? Does the footpath lead to the gate on the side-section of the house? Would you like to give your family privacy with a new shinier, more sturdy gate? Don't mind the prospect of these setbacks. No matter what you desire, it can be done.The pro analyzes your needs and gives a quote. Metal Solutions USA LLC  offers personalized solutions to match your needs for material, size, style, everything.


The consultant we send to your home will be able to explain to us the best option to be installed based on your home's layout. We want to ensure that your gate opens and closes with no problems, vibrating smoothly, without obstructing other movements.



Even manual pedestrian gates may be automated. Automated options are available for users who do not wish to or cannot use their hands. Moreover, there's no need to worry because you have plenty of options from which to choose, including door locks, intercom systems, and many other features.