Iron fences from Metal Solutions can provide ideal property boundaries. Their simple and classic design will capture your attention at first glance. In addition, iron fences are appropriate for both residential houses and business properties.
Fences and Driveway Gates

Wrought Iron Fencing Benefits

A fence can give your home a touch of elegance and make it more valuable. Improve the look of your property by installing an ornamental iron fence from Metal Solutions USA LLC. With various designs, an iron fence is an excellent choice for someone looking for a minimal maintenance option. But how do you decide what type of fence best suits your needs?
We want to make designing a fence as easy and painless as possible. That’s why we work with an expert team to design and install new rails for Houston residents in any style or size. After we contact you, an estimator comes out to measure and take photographs so the design can be built on top of them.

Iron Fence Traditional Style 01

  • We make sure to keep your property safe and sound with our high-quality fencing.
  • Our fences are designed for long-lasting durability, so they'll stay looking beautiful!

Iron Fence Traditional Style 02

  • High-quality and fashionable fencing that keeps your property safe and secure.
  • All of our fences are powder coated for a long-lasting, beautifully finished product!

Iron Fence Traditional Style 03

  • Our iron fences provide a classic, traditional look with the top being picketed.
  • They come in various heights and styles for any property from home to business users alike!

Iron Fence Traditional Style 04

  • Protect your property with high-quality fences.
  • We offer powder-coated, custom-designed fencing for all of our clients' needs!

Iron Fence Traditional Style 05

  • Your property is worth the best fence to keep it safe and secure.
  • That's why we offer high-quality fencing, powder-coated for a beautiful finish that will last!

Iron Fence Traditional Style 06

  • We've included a board with an animal deterrent to keep pesky critters from forcing their way inside the fence.
  • High-quality and fashionable fencing that keeps your property safe, secure - just what you need for those prying eyes!

Iron Fence Traditional Style 07

  • Our fences are high-quality and fashionable
  • All of our powder-coated products will last longer than other brands because they're resistant to rust!

Iron Fence Traditional Style 08

  • We take pride in our high-quality and fashionable fencing that keeps your property safe, secure, and looking great!
  • We bring you powder-coated products for an everlasting finish.

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We find out what material you want to use, such as budget, coverage, or design. It can be as simple as overall footage or more detailed if you email or fax us a drawing.

Customed On Your Demand

The website is shopping cart free, and the sales team will review your order and create a custom quote. There's no risk of ordering incorrectly because we're so accurate!

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Once you tell us all the details of what you need, the last thing to do is make sure your order is complete and convert it to an invoice. We accept all major credit cards, checks, cash over the phone or wire transfers. The time from order to shipment will vary depending on the product you choose.

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Many homeowners choose wrought iron fencing to maintain their fences long-term. A wrought iron fence is made from steel or aluminium and doesn't rust. They provide a lifetime of easy maintenance with proper care.

Wrought iron is a popular fencing choice because it is stylish and offers many benefits. They are durable and long-lasting, so they will not get damaged easily. They are also environmentally friendly because you can recycle them.

  • Yes, you can build your fence. Most of our customers do this. Installing a fence yourself will save you more than half the money it costs to contract a professional builder to do it for you. Plus, you'll likely do a better job because hiring someone else would mean they're working on projects at several different homes simultaneously while you are doing your project and can ensure everything is done right.
  • You can visit the how to install section to find articles on How To Install Iron Fences. On the other hand, on each product page, we include a manual and an installation video.