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Metal Solutions USA is a company you need to call when installing any kind of commercial railing, ramps, or staircases. When they are installed, it is essential to have professionals who will do a great job and ensure they are safe for many years to come.Railings are essential to commercial buildings, ensuring that it's accessible and comfortable for people. We're designed with various finishes, so they'll always be able to complement the look of the building. Metal Solutions welcomes custom projects for those looking for something a little more original, and our professional engineers are happy to help during the planning stage.

We fabricate handrail for outdoor steps!

We specialize in handrails. We offer a wide variety of railings to protect your family, employees, and assets. Your new handrail will be custom-built and with last up to decades.

Metal Solutions USA LLC specializes in custom handrail fabrication and installation. We believe in going above and beyond for our customers and getting their ideas to work. With some of the finest metal handrails in the Houston area, we can give you the desired results.

In addition, we take it seriously when it comes to safety, so our products are made with the best and heaviest gauge materials available to satisfy all OSHA or ADA requirements.

Give us a call today!

Bring your Metal Hand Rail questions to the experts and get a free quote. We know what we're doing, we have experience in the field, and you'll be delighted by our quality work.

Metal Solutions USA LLC

Metal Solutions USA, LLC has been earning their reputation for a long time and has completed many successful commercial projects. Their online portfolio demonstrates the broad range of what they can do and highlights some of their successful commercial projects with satisfied clients.Metal Solutions is a reliable company that installs rails and other elements with expertise, regardless of the project size. We have installed everything from handrails for small businesses in Houston, TX, to large projects for nationally knowns corporations.
Why Choose Us!

Wrought Iron Commercial Hand Rails

Handrails are essential for complying with ADA, OSHA, IBC, etc. And local building codes. Our experts will build a handrail to your specifications that suit the architectural style of your home or business.

ADA Handrail Manufacturer

ADA Railings and Handrails are designed to satisfy the requirements of ADA, ICC, IBC, and other building codes. They can be easily assembled without welding or threading components. The railing systems are made of wrought iron or pipe and are easily powder-coated with your choice of colours.

1 - Handrails are required for both sides of stairs, ramps or walking surfaces to prevent falls.

Handrails should be used in all staircases with two or more risers and on ADA ramps with a rise greater than 6 inches.

ADA handrails are designed to keep people as safe as possible on stairs or ramps by being placed between 34 inches and 38 inches above the leading edge of a stair tread, ramp surface, or walking surface. The height of children’s handrails is between 9 and 28 inches, with a clear space of at least 9 inches between the children’s and adult rails.

The handrail must be continuous along the entire length of each flight or run. There are exceptions to this rule, such as with switchbacks and doglegs. The handrails must not be obstructed at any point and must not be blocked for more than 20% of their length.

2 - Make sure that the handrail of a staircase is graspable and comfortable to the touch.

  • The handrail must measure between 1-¼ inch and 2 inches in diameter and be round. It can also have conditions other than round, but it must meet the ADA's definition of Equivalent graspability.

  • To keep the handrail of a staircase graspable, the circumference must not exceed 4 inches and 6-1/4 inches with a maximum cross-section of 2-1/4".

  • Handrails are necessary at certain heights and widths to prevent falls. For example, a 2-1/4-inch handrail will only give you 1-1/2 inch square.

3 - Bracket Clearance

  • Equivalent graspability is a handrail with a perimeter dimension between 4 and 6-1/4 inches. The maximum cross-section must be less than 2-1/4 inches.
  • Be aware that the cross-section limitation refers to the widest point in the handrail. A 2-1/4-inch cross-section will only give you about a 1-1/2-inch square.

4 - Make sure to install handrail extension

  • Ramps: There is a 12-inch minimum handrail that extends past the top and bottom of the ramp run. It is essential to ensure your ramp complies with this safety requirement.

  • Stairs Top: A 12-inch minimum extension starts immediately above the first riser on both sides, ensuring your safety as you go up and down.
  • Stairs bottom: handrail should extend at the slope of the stair flight for a horizontal distance equal to one tread depth.

Extension rails should be attached to a wall or guard and will continue onto the next stairway.

Make sure to have a handrail in the correct direction of travel so that people can easily navigate. Extensions sometimes bend left or right, which could be problematic for users.

Handrails are usually not permitted to deviate from the direction of travel, but when they do, it is only possible for existing construction where there is a hazard risk.


We are industrial stair manufacturers!

Our company is the leader in wrought iron railing, the best way to eliminate dangerous falls and time-wasting interruptions at work. We're glad to provide a quote for your industrial stairways without any interruptions. All you need to do is contact us today!Industrial stairs are crucial to get the job done. Without a properly-functioning railing, the safety of the employees will be compromised. We'll schedule a consultation to make sure everything is in order before we start to manufacture 
The Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA


Metal Solutions is a company that provides all of the safety railings, handrails and fittings needed to make your solution cost-effective. We have railing systems that satisfy ADA, ICC, building codes, and OSHA requirements. You can also trust us to engineer a custom solution for you, and our railing kits are easy to install.


If you want to add a railing inside or outside your home, our team has the skills and experience to help. While we can provide a standard solution, we work with you so that it's how you want it. Our fabricators can modify our railings with integrated mounting plates on the posts and rails tops for an even more personalized look. We can even add special finishes to give it that final touch! With our expertise and dedication, we routinely add customized features to our rails, which is now second nature to us.

We want you to have a great experience working with us at Metal Solutions USA LLC. The installation will be easy whether we fabricate cable rails or glass railings. The fittings used for the railing only require essential tools, such as Allen wrenches and screwdrivers.

Sometimes installation can be a big project. We offer installation services if you want it to be - or you can install it yourself. However, there's one thing we're good at installation services! Whether you need more time, confidence, or skills to undertake the project yourself, let us take care of it. From the beginning to the end of your project, we'll be involved and make sure everything runs smoothly.

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