Elevate Your Decor with Precision-Cut Metal CNC Signs

Welcome to Metal Solutions USA LLC, where innovation meets craftsmanship! If you're seeking distinctive ideas for home decoration or the perfect gift for a cherished individual, explore our range of custom metal CNC signs, meticulously crafted to offer an exquisite touch to any space. These signs serve as stunning additions to your home decor or highlight special occasion decorations.Looking for a personalized touch? We offer custom design services tailored to your unique vision. Contact us directly to discuss your custom design ideas, and our skilled team will bring your concepts to life. Alternatively, leave your information in the form below, and we'll reach out promptly to assist you in creating a personalized metal CNC sign that perfectly matches your preferences and needs

Unrivaled Durability

Crafted from premium-grade metal, our signs guarantee longevity without succumbing to rust. Each piece is designed to last, ensuring it remains a timeless part of your space for years to come.

Customizable Designs

We offer a diverse range of designs to cater to your individual tastes and purposes. From intricate patterns to personalized messages, choose the design that resonates with your vision.

Precision Laser Cutting

Our cutting-edge laser technology ensures impeccable precision in every detail. Each sign undergoes meticulous laser-cutting processes, guaranteeing a flawless finish that exceeds expectations.

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  • Commercial Sign

Metal Sign Bethlehem Glow Christmas Tree

Enhance your holiday decor with our Christmas Tree with Bethlehem Star Metal Sign. Featuring a beautifully crafted design of a Christmas tree and radiant star, this rust-resistant sign adds festive cheer to any setting.

Metal Sign Bethlehem Starlight Christmas Tree

Elevate your holiday decor with our 'Christmas Tree with Bethlehem Star' Metal Sign. Crafted intricately, this sign features a stunning Christmas tree topped with a radiant Bethlehem Star, adding a touch of festive charm to any setting.

Metal Sign Christmas Cheer Tree Letter

Elevate your holiday decor with our 'Merry Christmas Letter with Christmas Tree' Metal Sign. Featuring 'Merry Christmas' alongside a charmingly designed tree, this delightful sign adds festive cheer to any setting.

Metal Sign Enchanted Christmas Circle

Add a touch of holiday magic to your space with our 'Merry Christmas Letter Inner Two Circle with Christmas Tree' Metal Sign. Crafted intricately, this charming sign frames the festive message within two circles, surrounding a beautifully designed Christmas tree, making it a perfect addition to your seasonal decor."

Metal Sign Festive Greetings

Spread the holiday spirit with our 'Merry Christmas Letter' Metal Sign. Featuring 'Merry Christmas' in charming lettering, this delightful sign adds festive cheer to any space.

Metal Sign Festive Pine Bell Christmas

Infuse your space with holiday spirit using our 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas Pine Tree with Bell' Metal Sign. The creatively arranged message alongside a charming bell adds festive delight to any setting.

Metal Sign Festive Snowflake Ribbon

Infuse your space with holiday cheer using our 'Merry Christmas Ribbon with Snowflakes' Metal Sign. Featuring 'Merry Christmas' on a ribbon amid delicate snowflakes, this charming sign adds festive elegance to any setting.

Metal Sign Frosty Flakes Christmas

Elevate your Christmas decor with our Snowflakes Metal Sign. Crafted with precision and adorned with intricate snowflakes, this rust-resistant sign adds seasonal charm to your walls.

Metal Sign Graceful Reindeer Wreath

Elevate your Christmas decor with our Reindeer Head and Laurel Wreath Metal Sign. Featuring a majestic reindeer surrounded by a classic laurel wreath design, this rust-resistant sign exudes holiday elegance.

Metal Sign Jingle Bell Jubilee

Ring in the holiday cheer with our 'Jingle Bell' Metal Sign. Crafted with precision and featuring a classic jingle bell design, this rust-resistant sign adds a delightful touch to your seasonal decor.

Metal Sign Majestic Antlers Christmas

Adorn your walls with the Reindeer Head Metal Sign for a festive touch to your Christmas decor. Crafted with precision and featuring a majestic reindeer design, this rust-resistant sign enhances the seasonal ambiance.

Metal Sign Merry Wishes Christmas Tree

Infuse your space with holiday cheer using our 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' Letter-Shaped Metal Sign. Crafted with precision, this rust-resistant sign creatively forms a Christmas tree, spreading the joyous sentiment of the season.

Custom metal signs are the best way to advertise your brand or products. They’re bright and memorable, so they’ll be the centre of attention wherever you want them to be. LED lights can be placed inside, creating a fantastic halo effect and reverse channels to emphasize your logo. These signs come in various shapes, sizes and materials and can be used indoors or outdoors for business (storefronts, shops, offices, restaurants), at home, at school or in churches.

Custom Metal Sign

Custom metal signs are prevalent among businesses, especially those looking for a modern and classy way to get people's attention. Metal Solutions USA LLC is one of the most well-known places to get these signs, but many more companies can help you find the perfect sign for your business. 

1. Custom 3D Bussiness Sign With Backlight

If you’re looking for a customised business sign that looks great in the dark, then this product is perfect. This 3D custom sign can be used for a bar, store, hotel, restaurant, hair salon, SPA, dental clinic and law firm.

2. Custom Backlit Sign For Organization

Custom backlit signs can be made for a wide range of organizations. These include hospitals, schools, libraries, museums, and churches.


3. Personalized Metal Sign Indoor

Personalized metal signs are an excellent option for any commercial space and can provide your company with a professional look. They come in every size, style and design imaginable and can be made for any occasion.

4. Lazer Cut Logo Sign Outdoor

Lazer Cut Logo is perfect for many projects, like building, walls, and storefronts. This signage can also be used to advertise your business on the exterior or interior of your house.


our process works


Receiving ideas

When you order a custom metal sign from us, we'll create a design specific to your needs. After you request a sign online or call us at +1-832-499-9880, we'll create a strategy based on your brand identity, goals, artistic style, and other specifics.



Next, you can get a custom metal sign and submit the design for approval before it goes to production. This way, you know your custom sign will turn out exactly how you envisioned it.



Then, a metal sign from professionals with decades of experience building custom metal signs will provide you with a beautiful, high-quality design that exceeds all safety standards. We manufacture our signs in-house, which ensures optimal quality, and we’ll even install them for you at your location.

Custom Backlit Signage From Metal Solutions USA LLC

Metal Solutions USA LLC has in-house capabilities to create a custom metal backlit sign for your business. We have you covered from the initial design stage to fabrication to installation. We can provide you with backlit signs and letters to help get your message out there — no matter your business.

The 3d LED Metal Sign is great for getting noticed

  • Backlit signs provide interest and visual excitement to your character and office space. Our backlit signs are illuminated with low-voltage, state-of-the-art LED lights. Typically, these lights are white, but you can also use RGB coloured lights and dial into an exact colour from the spectrum for a striking effect.
  • Before you choose a backlit sign, remember that you’ll need an electrical junction behind the wall or in the ceiling above the power of the sign. We will provide the power supply (transformer) needed to power the low-voltage LEDs. Also, adequate access will be needed in the ceiling and wall to run the wiring

Backlit Signs And Shipping

We want to ensure you’re happy with your custom backlit sign, so we carefully test each sign before shipping. Then, once installed, we recommend leaving it in its packaging for a few days to avoid any potential damage that may have occurred during shipping or after improper installation.

Backlit Sign Installation

  • Installation of your custom backlit sign is made easy and straight-forward with our guidance, support, and installation hardware that is easy to use. We also provide the service of qualified local sign installation for you.

  • We han­dle all the coordination work, including scheduling and going over the details and requirements of your cus­tom backlit sign installation.
  • Custom metal sign orders can often be installed themselves with some guidance, but for those who want someone else to do it, we offer installation crews.
The diameter of a circle is equal to the length of the square surrounding it. You can view the guideline here VIEW GUIDE
View the guideline HERE
View the guideline HERE
  • When your storefront has a backlit metal sign, it creates a beacon that makes it easier for customers to find you. Whether it consists of acrylic, metal, or cut-out letters, illuminated business signs always have the advantage over ones that aren’t lit this way. That’s because the name of your store or company is always the most prominent feature.
  • We use high-quality metal for custom metal signs and backlit exterior signs. They can make a tremendous difference for your business by getting you noticed during the day or at night.
  • Custom metal signs are the perfect way to advertise your business, company, or hobby. They can be made to order in any colour and size, making them fit for any location – even indoors! This type of sign has an excellent halo effect that makes it always the focus. It’s called a LED backlit sign or 3D metal sign, or reverse channel sign.
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