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Commercial Guardrail


Metal Solutions USA LLC manufactures metal railing products for the commercial sector. Our experienced team can produce various custom designs or types that suit your requirements.


Our products last a long time and are easy to use



We offer professional engineering, architectural services, and customer service


Environmental friendliness

We focus on the environment, self-awareness, and were among the first to implement green manufacturing.



Wrought Iron Guardrail Pattern Style 2

  • Wrought Iron Guardail Pattern Style Custom 8ft x 4ft
  • No labor.
  • All guardrails are powder coating with rail black color.

Wrought Iron Guardrail Custom With Pattern

  • Wrought Iron Guardrail Custom With Pattern 8ft
  • No labor.
  • All guardrails are powder coating with rail black color.

Wrought Iron Guardrail Basic Style 2

  • Wrought Iron Guardrail Basic Style Custom 8ft x 4ft
  • No labor.
  • All guardrails are powder coating with rail black color.

Wrought Iron Guardrail Basic Style

  • Wrought Iron Guardrail Basic Style Custom 8ft.
  • No labor.
  • All guardrails are powder coating with rail black color.


A commercial railing is an overlooked detail in any corporate or consumer-facing setting. A corporation can invest in a well-maintained commercial handrail for an elegant and subtle reminder of the qualityCommercial railing needs to be decorative, while industrial security rails need to limit accidents and provide the best level of protection. Whether you are shopping for guard rails for industrial staircases or any other solution, they all must be tough enough for the job.Our railing systems are high-quality and durable, making them perfect for commercial or industrial construction, refurbishment, or home projects.
ADA Guardrail and Wrought Iron Railing
stair railing
ADA Guardrail and Wrought Iron Railing
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OSHA Requirements

All of our products meet or exceed OSHA requirements.

It’s essential to know how to make your facility safe and compliant. This includes selecting guardrails that protect workers from falls. Designing a safety railing is critical, too. You need to remember the different requirements for railing posts, material choice, finish, gate placement and more to ensure you have an OSHA-compliant rail.


IBC Requirements

Metal Solutions USA LLC Guardrail
- Product Support for IBC Compliant Guardrails

The International Building Code 1015 deals explicitly with the use of guardrails. The code specifies safety precautions to reduce fall accidents and where a qualified individual may install guardrails. The international building code section 1015 is specifically for the use of guardrails. Minimum installation standards are outlined, and specifics to reduce the hazard of fall accidents.


Metal Solution USA LLC has provided innovative metal fences, railing, and gate systems for decades. Our engineered systems help to reduce labour costs while maintaining the highest quality finishes within the industry.

  • Residential— Homeowners can use our services to protect their homes. We have a wide selection of products that protect your home and family, so you never have to worry about your kids or pets getting hurt outside.
  • Commercial — We offer high-quality, low-cost products for your building project. The different styles we offer will be great for any neighbourhood or the specific HOA plan you have. Our products are easy to install and meet all regulations

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  • Guardrails are vertical barriers that safeguard employees and visitors from falling, alert workers to hazardous areas and unauthorized access and prevent falls.
  • A handrail is necessary for employees and visitors who have difficulty walking independently. It mounts to the wall or partition by brackets attached to its lower side. A handrail supports navigating stairs, ramps, slopes, or other surfaces.

Our company is committed to providing high-quality customer service. However, we also value excellent craftsmanship. As a team of skilled workers, we understand the importance of meeting customer specifications and identifying your needs early on in the project. We're dedicated to making sure every detail goes smoothly - including communication. Most importantly, you can be assured that you'll be happy with the quality of our work.

We are experienced in many construction areas and know how to adapt to your project. Whether you're a homeowner, builder, contractor, or architect, you can trust that we will deliver top-notch work.

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