Metal Stair Railing

Metal Solutions USA LLC offers a wide selection of metal stair railings, suitable for all types of spaces. We offer both spiral and straight staircase designs that have the perfect balance of form and function for any industrial look. Find the right railing for your space by exploring our wide range of options.
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stair railing service in houston
stair railing service in houston

Custom Iron Railing Designed

  • We are a company that does custom wrought iron railing for your industrial space. We work with new construction and existing buildings to provide you with the perfect piece of railing for any stairway in your commercial area, large or small. 
  • Iron Railing is the ultimate choice for creating a custom railing to meet your space and specifications. Whether you need new construction or want to convert your existing entryway, we are equipped to handle it all.

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Know the total price of your industrial staircase before you go through the whole process. These staircases are industrial, so they come in a range of sizes to suit any project.

Stainless steel rails provide a stylish and easy-to-install industrial stair

Our stainless steel rails for stairs will provide you with a safe installation that is easy to install, as well as phone and video support. We'll design and build your prefabricated industrial stair, so all you need to do is pick the perfect style for your company.

Industrial Stair

ADA Handrail

Wrought Iron Railing

Diamond Plate Open Riser

Metal stair railing is durable and can also be customized to fit your needs. You can choose from a variety of lengths and configurations with high-quality diamond plate.
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ADA Handrail

The ADA Standard recommends a handrail from 34” to 38” inches from the ground and not more than 8' feet apart. For this metal railing, the center to center should be 36"
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Mid Landing

Metal Solutions USA LLC stair treads are made out of only the highest quality sheet and plate steel and have tight tolerances to improve efficiency when installing metal stair railing.

Stairs come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, but it’s more than just the design that comes into play. There are a number of calculations, building codes, and measurements that must be considered. Some of these things include stair length, stair width, and landing height.




Step 01: Measure Your Space

There are two primary measurements needed for an industrial stair: the height, measured from one finished floor to the next. And a tread width, which is measured from one outside edge of the stairs to the other. 


STEP 02: Build Your Industrial Stair Railing

It's possible to design your own stair railing in seconds. Just go to our page and pick out the features you need. You'll be guided through the process and end up with a railing that will work perfectly for you.

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STEP 03: Schedule Delivery Your Staircases

After you schedule the delivery, it'll take two weeks for your industrial stairs to ship. The approval drawings will be sent within 48 hours after ordering, and they'll be sent two weeks after approving the design.


We make it easy for you to design your stairs. You have everything you need in order to choose a stair that fits your needs.  
Measure the distance between your floor's finished surface and your floor's finished surface. Our Measurement Helper will tell you what to measure. View Guide
The total run of a flight of stairs is determined by measuring from the outer edge of the step, which includes the nosing if it is present, to the vertical portion of the stair called the riser.
A staircase is built by attaching the upper surface to the lower surface with stringers. Stringers can be set diagonally and attach each high side of the steps to the ground or floor.
A step is the horizontal plane on which a stair tread lies. The number of steps in a staircase is determined by the total number of risers, not by the number of treads.
The International Building Code states that a flight of stairs should not go over 3835mm (~151 inches) tall.  If this limitation is being broken, a landing is usually required. When in doubt, you can use a metal stair railing to break up the long run of stairs and provide a resting place for your viewers on the landing.
Why Choose Us?

Metal Solutions is family-owned
and operated

We offers a transparent and fast job site with no hidden prices. Not only does Metal Solutions offer a variety of railing styles for your wrought iron stairs, we also offer an efficient and transparent stair-building process that gives you power, choice, and control.

Metal Solutions is family-owned and operated, and has an expert team of steel and wrought iron railing designers to provide you with the perfect railing for your industrial outdoor stairs

Whether you want to work one-on-one with a consultation or want our team to come out to scope the project, we'll make sure that designing and installing our product is a hassle free process.


We are industrial stair manufacturers!

Our company is the leader in wrought iron railing, the best way to eliminate dangerous falls and time-wasting interruptions at work. We're glad to provide a quote for your industrial stairways without any interruptions. All you need to do is contact us today!Industrial stairs are crucial to get the job done and without a properly-functioning railing, the safety of the employees is compromised. For an on-site consultation, you might be able to schedule one weeks in advance. If you're willing to wait or don't care about your company's safety, then it may not matter as much
The Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA


Metal Solutions is a company that provides all of the safety railing, handrails and fittings needed to make your solution cost effective. We have railing systems that satisfy ADA, ICC and building codes as well as OSHA requirements. You can also trust us to engineer a custom solution for you and our railing kits are easy to install.
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Believe it or not, many industrial stair manufacturers will not give you a price estimate until after the quote is complete. This means that you don't know what your out-of-pocket costs will be and are forced to deal with the stairway company for the entire process. As if that weren't bad enough, many industrial stair companies also do not offer wrought iron railing options.

Metal Solutions USA LLC has a design process that will help you find the perfect wrought iron railing for your stairs. We walk you through the process with easy-to-use and well-explained drop down menus and multiple options for every important component of the design process, so you won't have any challenges. Designing metal stairs has never been easier or faster!

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