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How much will an automatic driveway gate cost?

The cost for installing a driveway gate varies widely depending on contractor.

The estimated cost is $3,500 to $6000 for an average 12-foot motorized security gate made of steel and equipped with access control via remote or password, and you may spend another $500 to $2,000 to add an intercom, camera, and refrigerator controls.

Chain-link and wooden fences are more cost effective than fieldstone and brick wall fencing, with a higher price for fencing that’s crafted with stone or brick wall stanchions, perhaps a custom-colored brick mailbox, installed on both sides of the fence, in addition to a wide range of options.

Homeowners often install a driveway gate after installing a driveway and when installing fence panels bordering their property. This results in a minor reduction in the costs, while the general contractor continues to specialize in various projects.

An overview of automatic driveway gates

The electric driveway gate is otherwise known as an automatic driveway gate. This improves home and network security and raises the home’s market value. An added benefit is that it also provides an aesthetic touch to your home.

You have numerous options for materials and designs when you have an automatic driveway gate. For materials, chain link, vinyl, wood of various types, aluminum, steel and wrought iron are all accessible in a range of sizes, heights and designs.

The ideal opening mechanism is one that opens single gates along a single track. Double gates with two or more tracks, which require separate motors operating independently, along with the more rare overhead gates that run like a garage door, are more expensive.

A variety of gate designs, such as steel, wrought iron, or a wood privacy gate, are available on an inclined plane and are supported by stone or brick structures and may have an intercom system. The gate’s material could be steel, wrought iron, or high-end wood privacy gates.

Metal Solutions USA LLC’s Metal And Wood Sliding Gates

A remote opener, like a garage door opener, is a compact choice. Keypad entry is not significantly more cost-effective. On top of that, overhead archways and cameras will add expense to this outdoor project.

Your choices and their costs, total project cost factors, estimated costs, and various other cost factors are included in this calculation, along with SIfra net, trusted sources of information, and detailed advantages and disadvantages in your ability to successfully complete the project. If it is possible, this plan may be worked on as a solo assignment, but if more time is needed to hire experts, this option may be right for you.

Automatic driveway gate factors can affect gate price

The cost of electric driveway gates varies widely, so it can be difficult to determine the average cost of a 12-foot double gate made of metal or midrange wood. To illustrate an average entrance gate, consider pricing from a standard 6-foot gate with two attached side posts that seats two individuals. A national average entrance gate shows up to be roughly $5,000.

For example, you can look at price estimates before moving on to sketching out your gate. Retail fees for gates, motors, and other equipment are provided below, along with sample expenses for a range of gates and surfaces.

  • Gate Width: Single gates start at 8 feet wide. The largest sliding and double sliding and swinging gates are usually 18 feet, but because of the fact that it’s possible to have a larger gates made to your specifications, probably exceeding the range provided, there is a minimal cost but maximum cost. Similar to most home improvement projects, there is a minimum amount but no maximum cost.
  • Gate Height: Your options range from 4 to 12, though most driveway gates are 6 to 10 feet high.


  • Decorative Gates: Decorative doors consisting of many intricate, decorative designs cost more than basic designs.
  • Privacy Gates: Picket and plank metal and woodgates are both created in styles that allow for cost-effective privacy. Protected styles increase the cost of privacy.
  • Gate Material: Chain link fencing is the most affordable but has the least aesthetic appeal. Wood can range in cost from inexpensive pressure-treated pine to expensive hardwood with iron. Metal fencing can range in depth from cheap tubular sheets that are unpainted to heavy-gauge flat sheet steel plus steel that has been treated.
  • Opening Mechanism: The most affordable and simple sliding gates will be among the lowest on the price spectrum, while an overhead gate costs the most. Double-gates are in the middle range, whereas the equipment for purchasing an overhead gate is on the pricey end.
  • Opener/Motor: The opener will need to get a rating based on the weight of the sliding door. A light-duty steel or plastic chain-link gate can be operated by an 115-volt opener, and light-duty aluminum or steel rolling gates can be operated by a 230-volt opener. At higher price points, commercial-grade 208 230-460-volt openers are more costly.

  • Entry Options: Most of automatic driveway gates that operate remotely are operated by a remote opener, plus a keypad, a card reader or an RFID unit. If you require a special form of remote-control access, the cost will be higher.
  • Intercom: The cost for this advantage of enhanced security will typically be significantly higher. In order to inquire about your gate that’s linked to your home, you’ll be glad to be able to open things up to visitors in the living room.

  • DIY or Contractor: The labor portion in an automated driveway gate estimate is 15 to 50 dollars based on components and materials used.
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