How To Install

How To Install Double Swing Gates

If you own a home, then there’s one thing that should be in your arsenal. Double swing gates are the perfect way to make sure unwanted visitors don’t come barging through and intrude on all of those precious moments with loved ones or important assets like cars! This article will guide you how install double swing gates systems by answering questions such as “what tools do I need?” Let me show you what else is possible when installing these fantastic additions- check out my video below showing off some other installations

Prepare Accessories For Installing Double Swing Gates

A. Tools

  1. Hammer
  2. Trowel
  3. Spray paint
  4. One wheel trolley
  5. 3/8” wrench + 7/8” wrench
  6. Adjustable wrench
  7. Levelling instrument ruler
  8. Wood block 2”x4”
  9. Floor jack
  10. String line level
  11. String
  12. Straight ruler
  13. Shovel
How To Install Double Swing Gates

B. Setting Your Terminals Posts

Although post depth and hole diameter will be determined by local weather and soil conditions, holes for terminal posts and line posts are typically dug about 18″ – 20” in diameter and 36″ deep with sloped sides.

Step 1. Using a shovel to dig all terminal post holes. The holes should be dug about 18″ – 20” in diameter and 36″ deep with sloped sides.

Step 2. Place the posts in the center of the holes The distance between two posts is: 

151 inch with gate 12 ft

176 inch with gate 14 ft 

199 inch with gate 16 ft

Step 3. Using a string and leveling instrument ruler to check perpendicularity and parallelism. Don’t forget to check whether the post is straight

Step 4. Fill to ground level with concrete (about 16 bags of 80 pound cement, 4000 psi). Wait 48 hours for the concrete to cure.

How To Install Double Swing Gates

C. Hanging Your Hinges

Step 1. Prepare SGMK101 Kits-4 of 1/2 in U bracket, nuts, washers, adjustable hinges and plates (Support up to 1000lbs gates)

Step 2. Install the welded hinge-plate onto 1/2 in U Bracket at upper post

Step 3. Tighten the nut. Continue this process for both hinges

How To Install Double Swing Gates

D. Hanging Your Double Swing Gates

Step 1. Place a 2″x4″ wood block in the bottom of the swing gate to align it with the post.

Step 2. Insert a 7/8″ diameter alloy threaded rod into the gate and hinges. To secure the thread rod into the bottom hinge, use the floor jack to align the gate and hinge. Do the same thing with the upper hinge.

Step 3. Align the gate. Check to see if the gate level with the hinges

How To Install Double Swing Gates

E. Adjusting Your Double Swing Gate s

Step 1. Secure the double swing gates with a 7/8 nut. Loosening the upper hinge-plate to provide a tight fit between the upper hinge and the gate. After adjusting the upper hinge, secure the hinge plate. Make sure the space between the hinge and the post is 3.5″.

Step 2. Check the distance from ground level to the bottom gate. The recommended distance is 2”

Step 3. On the gate, place the leveling device ruler. To make it level, adjust the bottom and top hinges.

How To Install Double Swing Gates

Step 4. Remove the 2”x4” wood block. Manually open and close gate, make sure Swing gate in and out smoothly and the gate double swing gates does not touch any part of the U-bracket when it is open all the way

Step 5. Repeat the installation process for the right gate. Also, ensure that the distance between the two gates is 1″.

Step 6. After installing the double swing gates, weld a 3″ x 6″ plate to the right gate’s frame to limit the left gate’s opening angle while they are closed.

How To Install Double Swing Gates

F. Complete, Touch-Up and Clean-up of Installation

Step 1. The two posts must be trimmed down if they are taller than the gate frame. Make sure the distance between the ground and the tops of the two posts is the same as the gate frame. Using a hammer to install coverings on posts and door frames.

Step 2. To remove dirt and any concrete that may have splashed onto the gate, clean it with a soft rag and mild soap as needed. To remove all soap, rinse with clean water. To prevent rust, inspect and paint all places that have been damaged during handling and installation. Check the gate for indications of wear and oxidation, and repaint as needed.

Step 3. Complete and hand over swing gates for customer

How To Install Double Swing Gates

Which Side Should The Driveway Swing Gate Open?

Except under exceptional circumstances, your driveway swing gate should be installed to open inward your property. Even though driveway swing gates are designed with different way to open: slide, open inward or outward, it is recommended that they should be open inward due to three reasons: 

Building regulations: A gate on private property that opens onto a road, sidewalk or highway is illegal. This means that you will be in violation of the law if your gate is too close to the end of your driveway and open outward. 

Safety: You will face the danger when having a short driveway and installing a swing gate that opens outward. The risk can occur because your gate may obscure your vision, making it harder to notice oncoming cars. Moreover, you will be in danger because of approaching care as they do not realize that you are exiting your driveway Convenience: When you exit your driveway, your outward opening gate will likely obstruct the walkway. For those who use the sidewalk, this is inconvenient and unfair.